COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

We have spaced out appointments to ensure social distancing. We are doing additional cleaning of our office and frames. We have also implemented new procedures based on the CDC and Minnesota Optometry Association to keep everyone safe and healthy.

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What you need to know before your coming in.

  • Patients exhibiting COVID 19 symptoms should reschedule.
  • Temperature screening when you enter.
  • Please wear a mask when you come in.
  • Wait at the front table for assistance.
  • We are limiting the number of patients/groups/families to ensure social distancing.

It is important to us that we are available for our patients’  vision needs and concerns. We are following the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and state and local health officials to ensure our office is taking the proper action to keep everyone safe and healthy. 

Virtual Office Visits Now Available

Meet with Dr. Jamison from home. If you are suffering from pink eye, red-eye, allergies, dry eye, stye, puffy eyelid or have other concerns you can now set up a virtual office visit.  Many insurance plans have expanded coverage for virtual visits. Learn more here about our virtual appointment here.

Book an appointment online or call (952) 934-2084
Free Shipping on All Contact Lens Orders
We are offering free delivery on contact lens orders. You can order contacts online here or call into the office (952) 934-2084.

Thank you,
Dr. Pei Ling Jamison 

Shop Local

Shop Local

Support local businesses during the Coronavirus Shutdown and Slowdown.

With many businesses being required to shut down and people staying at home many small businesses are struggling. I just wanted to call out some of my favorite locally owned businesses.  These are our neighbors’ businesses, patients, and friends:

A forgetful Baker, Lotus Leaf, YoYo Donuts, Healthsource Eden Prairie, Nothing Bundt Cakes, Dr. Angela Wandera,

Also here is a list of restaurants that are open that are fellow members of the Eden Prairie Chamber of Commerce:

Buca di Beppo, Culver’s Eden Prairie, Fat Pants Brewing Co., Green Mill, Kona Grill, Lion’s Tap, Milio’s, Nothing Bundt Cakes Open, Panera, Pizza Karma, Pizza Luce, Red’s Savoy Pizza, and Tavern 4&5


Eden Prairie Optometrist Pei Ling Jamison in Southwest Magazine

Eden Prairie Optometrist Pei Ling Jamison in Southwest Magazine

Eye doctor Pei Ling Jamison was featured on the cover of Southwest Magazine. The article tells about how doctor Jamison got her start starting with her parents business. “Pei Ling Jamison’s mother had a clear vision of her daughter’s future. she could see it.”

The story goes on to tell about the services offered by Jamison Optical.


Vision for Fashion

“The practice offers eye examinations, which include visual fields screening, retinal photos, dilation, refraction, personalized lens recommendation, frame styling and digital lens measurement. Medical eye examinations are also available and differ from standard eye exams by addressing a specific medical concern or health issue—examples being allergies, astigmatism, cataracts, conjunctivitis, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and strabismus.

While her primary focus is ensuring her patients’ eye health and prescribing accurate prescriptions for lenses, Jamison enjoys tapping into her days as an optician by helping patients find the best frames for their lifestyles and faces. “I’m only as good as your eyewear, at the end of the day,” she says. “I get to be at the beginning of your journey and at the end, knowing you’re getting something for your life-style and fashion wants.”

Fitting eyewear requires more than just picking out what looks good. A client’s head size, distance between the eyes and nose and face shapes fac-tor into the decision. Comfort is also important: ill-fitting glasses tend to spend most of the time tossed aside, rather than perched on a nose. 
Once those elements are addressed, the fun can really begin. “Right now, I’m obsessed with matte [finish],” Jamison says.”

Southwest Magazine
Article by Renee Stewart-Hester
Photos By Emily J. Davis
Read the Article on Southwest Magazine Website



Eye Glasses as an Accessory

Eye Glasses as an Accessory

Do you have a favorite accessory? A hand bag, scarf, shoes, necklace or watch. Why not make it your glasses? There are so many options in eyewear. A new glasses shape can transform your look instantly. The material and color can change it from a formal sophisticated look to uniquely trendy.  Glasses for a specific task like computer, reading, or sun wear is a great time to experiment with new looks. Jamison Optical has your next accessory waiting for you.

Jamison Optical is located in Eden Prairie 55344, 7912 Mitchell Road. We are here to help you find your next accessory. Dr. Pei Ling Jamison and her staff will ask you questions about your lifestyle to find what type of glasses are needed to accessorize your vision.

Jamison Optical wants year everyday eyeglasses to reflect who you are. We can achieve this by the style of glasses we pick. Dr. Jamison likes traditional and tailored looks. One of her favorite lines is Modo because of the minimal metal frame with a little bit of color to accent.  A one of a kind and architectural frame can be the accessory you are looking for, then try our Ziggy Eyewear. For beautiful blending of colors, we have tortoise plastic frames from Prada and Dolce Gabbana. Large bold plastic frames and more rounded is trending currently but let Jamison Optical help accessorize what will be best for your look.

Specific reading and computer glasses can become a fun accessory. Computer glasses can be more unique because you many not wear them all the time. We can try a bolder color like red or vibrant blue. A plastic frame will be more noticeable on the face which could give a more interesting look. Maybe you want to be more serious during meetings, then a sophisticated pair of glasses is in order. For a simple and classic look, glasses with eye wire or a metal frame in a neutral tone will look more sophisticated.

Sunglasses have been an accessory for many years. From style icons like Jackie Kennedy Onassis to modern day reality stars like the Kardashian sisters, there are endless options for sunglasses. Large sunglasses are being seen on many celebrities. For a more glamorous look, get sunglasses with bling on the side or temples that are not straight back. Go with an aviator style for a sportier look. For the best vision during extreme glare, snow, and water conditions, try Maui Jim. We cannot forget the classic Ray Ban Wayfarer which is a great hipster accessory. Jamison Optical has many different sunglasses for your next new pair of sunglasses.

Let Jamison Optical help you find your next accessory. Our address is 7912 Mitchell Road, Eden Prairie MN 55344. Our hours are Monday 9 am – 5:30 pm, Tuesday 9 am – 7 pm, Thursday 9 am – 5:30 pm, Friday 9 am – 5:30 pm.  We accept many insurance plans. Call to book an appointment (952) 934 – 2084 or online

Dr. Jamison’s Non-Profit Power of 100 Southwest donates $13,050 to Oasis for Youth

Dr. Jamison’s Non-Profit Power of 100 Southwest donates $13,050 to Oasis for Youth

Dr. Pei Ling Jamison is on the founding board of Power of 100 Southwest, Women Who Care. Power of 100 Southwest was started in late 2014 with eight board members that wanted to bring woman together to donate to worthy locale causes. Power of 100 is simple, meaningful, and powerful. We meet four times a year for an hour meeting. We vote with our hearts to choose from three random qualified charities nominated by women in the group. The money donated by each member is powerful because it is staying within our communities and helping organizations in need. Power of 100 has already donated a total of $21,325.

At our last meeting in July, the winning organization was Oasis for Youth. Oasis for Youth is located in Bloomington, MN and provides service youth in Bloomington, Richfield and Edina. It is a place that helps open doors for housing, employment, education and wellness for youth at risk of homelessness. Oasis for Youth provides opportunities to thrive through individualized case managements, onsite supportive services and connections to housing and community resources. The members of Power of 100 Southwest donated a total of $13,050 to Oasis for Youth.

Dr. Jamison wanted to be a part of an organization that benefits locate needs. She has learned about many smaller non-profit organizations that do not receive a lot of publicity but have just as worthy causes. If you are interested in joining Power of 100 Southwest, please go to to learn more.

Why your kids need an annual eye exam.

Why your kids need an annual eye exam.

Children get a yearly well check and they should be getting a yearly eye exam also. Vision accounts for 80% of learning and one out of four children has a treatable vision or ocular health problem.

Most children will not complain of blurred vision because they do not know what normal vision is supposed to be. There is much more to vision than just the pediatric doctor’s distance eye chart to be tested.

At Jamison Optical, we test distance and near vision, eye teaming, eye movements, peripheral awareness, depth perception, color test, refraction and eye health. Dr. Pei Ling Jamison is aware of the importance of not just distance vision but all of the other testing that is important for the development of reading and school work done at the desk and computer level.

A new school year can be stressful for a child by getting an eye exam; children can focus on learning their school work than worrying about seeing their school work. We want to help identify children who have a vision concern earlier in their development and school year to make learning easier and more enjoyable.

Book your eye exam at Jamison Optical in Eden Prairie. Our ‘All Inclusive’ Eye Exam focuses you, your health and your vision. Dr. Jamison will give you personalized service and lens recommendations. We make finding glasses easy with our frame styling and have a handpicked collection of exclusive and top brand glasses to choose from. Make an appointment and shop at (952) 934-2084

Orange Peppermint Sipper

Orange Peppermint Sipper

Orange Peppermint Sipper

One of my favorite memories as a child was having an Orange Peppermint Sipper at a birthday party. I loved the orange and peppermint flavor combination. It was really fun to squeeze the orange to get more juice.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Roll the orange on the counter
  2. Cut a X on the bottom of the orange
  3. Bit off the ends of the peppermint stick
  4. Put the peppermint stick in the orange where the X was cut
  5. Sip the orange juice through the peppermint stick
  6. Squeeze the orange for more juice
  7. Enjoy!


Dr. Pei Ling Jamison

Are your students eyes ready for college?

Are your students eyes ready for college?

Going off to college is a stressful, fun, exciting, and busy time. Don’t forget about your about making sure your eyes are ready for school. Here is a list to make sure your eyes are ready for college:

  1. Eye Exam – Get your exam before you head out to college. Classrooms get bigger and having clear vision will be more important than ever.
  2. Contact Lenses – Stock up on contacts so you don’t have to call home for more contacts. Being busy and active you’ll want plenty of contacts for the school year.
  3. Back Up Glasses – Don’t be stuck calling mom or paying extra for same day lenses if your glasses break. Bring an extra pair of glasses. We’ll give you a discount on your second pair.
  4. Antiglare Coatings – You’ll be spending extra time on the computer and under florescent lights. Get a good anti-glare coating to reduce eyestrain and keep your eyes protected from UV.
  5. Scratch Protection – Usually included with your antiglare. You’ll want to make sure your glasses can withstand the dorms and college environment. Spending a little more here will protect your investment in nicer lenses.
  6. Lens Cleaner and Cloths – No need to be slob now that you are out of the house. Keep those glasses clean.
  7. Contact Lens Solution – Stock up on solution to go with your contacts.
  8. Artificial Tears – Dry red eyes from being up late “studying”. Don’t go for the “V” brand at the gas station. Ge artificial tears. Your eyes will thank you.

Book your eye exam at Jamison Optical in Eden Prairie. Our ‘All Inclusive’ Eye Exam focuses you, your health and your vision. Dr. Jamison will give you personalized service and lens recommendations. We make finding glasses easy with our frame styling and have a handpicked collection of exclusive and top brand glasses to choose from. Make an appointment and shop at (952) 934-2084

Ladies Night

Ladies Night

Tuesday March 10th, 5pm-7pm

Come join Dr. Pei Ling Jamison for a ladies night. Bring your friends and enjoy a glass of wine while you check out the NEW Michael Kors collection of eye wear and sunglasses.

Michael Kors Launch Party & Trunk Show
Wine and Cheese from GYST
Door Prizes
Women’s Networking

RSVP Any Way You Want

Phone: (952) 934-2084
Online: Eventbrite

Jamison Optical | 7912 Mitchell Rd. Eden Prairie MN 55344

Eden Prairie has a new Blue Cross Blue Shield Vision Provider: Jamison Optical

Eden Prairie has a new Blue Cross Blue Shield Vision Provider: Jamison Optical

Jamison Optical is now an in network provider for Blue Cross Blue Shield. Jamison Optical’s services include: ‘All Inclusive’ Eye Exam, Contacts Lens Exam, and Medical Eye Exam to treat common eye conditions like: Pink Eye, Eye Infections, Dry Eyes, Glaucoma and more.

They have a bright open show room with a handpicked collection of glasses, frames and sunglasses. They carry the top brands and exclusive frames not found anywhere else in Eden Prairie. Their picture perfect frame selection lets you compare different frames and share tehm with friends and family. You can view their frames online at Shop by category: Womens Optical, Womens Sunglasses, Mens Optical, Mens Sunglasses, and Kids Optical

Jamison Optical uses the latest technology and the best materials from brands like Varilux and Crizal. They specialize in Diamond HD lenses which are personalized diamond cut digital lenses to give you custom vision. Learn more about or RX lens materials and options here.

Dr. Pei Ling Jamison has been in the eye industry for over 10 years. She opened her own clinic because she wanted to do more than quick eye exams. She wanted to share her excitement for fashion and style, help give people long lasting vision and build lifelong relationships with her patients. In short she wants you to See, Look, and Feel Great. Dr. Jamison is a member of the Eden Prairie Rotary and Chamber of Commerce. We are committed to giving back to the local community and take pride in being a locally owned family business. Learn more about Dr. Pei Ling Jamison here. Come to our store located at 7912 Mitchell Rd. Eden Prairie MN 55344, call us at (952) 934-2084 or make an appointment online here.