Complete Eye Exam ~ More than your standard refraction.

Optical-Icons-580x120Personalized eye exam focused on you, your health and your vision.
Retinal Photos Included, Dilation, Personalized Lens Recommendation and Frame Styling.

Dr. Pei Ling Jamison is involved with your entire experience. She will ensure you get the best eye care and help you select the right prescription lenses for your lifestyle. We use the latest technology to track your eye health over your lifetime. After your exam we offer frame styling to make choosing eye wear fun and easy.

Our eye exam includes: Visual Fields Screening, Retinal Photos, Dilation, Refraction, Personalized Lens Recommendation, Frame Styling and Digital Lens Measurement with SpecTech. Scroll down to learn more or click here to Make an Appointment.
VSP, EyeMed, Medica, United Healthcare, Health Partners, BlueCross BlueShield and Most Insurance Accepted.


Hands down, best eye clinic I’ve ever been to. Great selection of frames, thorough appointments, wonderful customer service — Dr. Jamison and staff give great input on frame selection as well and use different apps to compare look of frames. Read more  reviews and testimonials.

Evan Babekuhl

Great experience! Dr. Jamison is very detailed, patient, and took the time to explain things completely. Great selection of frames, and Tracy was great in assisting me in finding frames with a good fit and style too. Highly recommend a visit, great customer service!!! Read more  reviews and testimonials.

Katie Rosland

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Retinal Photos

We take retinal photos to track your eye health over time. During this part of the examination we will check  the front eye health looking for: diabetes, high blood pressure, cardio vascular disease and macular degeneration.

Retina Camera


We will dilate your eyes to get a look at the back of your eye (retina). We will be looking for retinal detachment, cataracts, glaucoma, diabetes and more.  This is a non invasive way to take a close look at nerves and blood vessels. Be prepared for the 4-6 hours of side effects that include light sensitivity and being unable to see close objects. You should be alright to drive but it is a good idea to bring sunglasses.

Dilation is a very important for patients with diabetes. Diabetes can lead to vision loss and blindness. A thorough eye exam can detect symptoms early and protect your vision.

Dilated Eye

Refraction & Personalized Lens Recommendation

After finding your prescription with you Dr. Jamison will build a custom lens package specific to your lifestyle and vision needs. We offer materials from the top manufactures to give you the best vision possible. We will customize your plan around your insurance to maximize your benefits and help you get the most out of your investment. We also have promotions for cash paying patients. Learn more about our Personalized Lenses here.


Frame Styling and Digital Measurements

We will help you select the perfect frame. We will make sure that the size is right for you and your lens prescription. We have more than 20 brands to shop from including Eden Prairie Exclusives and frames for every budget.

We will help you see how you look in different styles by taking side by side comparison photos of you wearing your favorite frames. No more squinting at mirror to see how you look. Put your old glasses on and see for yourself. We can even save and share this photos through email and Facebook.

We will use SpecTech to digitally measure your lenses to accurately fit your prescription into your frames based on how they sit on your individual face.

Learn more about our Frame Styling and how we make finding the perfect pair of glasses fun and easy.

'All Inclusive' Eye Exam ~ Not just your standard refraction.

Optical-Icons-580x120A full health eye exam focused on you, your health and your vision.
Retinal Photos, Dilation, Personalized Lens Recommendation and Frame Styling.