Frame Styling

Picking a new pair of eyeglasses should be just as fun as getting the right shoe, a cool watch, or a new hand bag. Eyewear is expressing who you are to the world through glasses. At Jamison Optical, we are experts at styling eyeglasses to help you See better, Look better, and Feel Great.  We are passionate about finding the right pair of eyeglasses because we believe it is one of the most important accessories to have.

What is most important when picking eye wear?

When we style our patients with eyeglasses, it is most important that they fit right. The right fit will maximize your vision, enhance your facial features and ultimately make you feel great. We look for eye placement within the lens. We want your eyes centered horizontally in the lens and vertically, we are looking for your eye to be about half way to two thirds from the bottom of the lens. The right fit will give you the best vision through the lenses especially a progressive lens. The right placement of the eyes will make you look symmetrical in the eyeglasses as others are looking at you. We want the eyeglasses to feel comfortable. The more comfortable and less adjustment we need to make, the better you will feel with the eyeglasses on. After we find the right fit, the style of the frame is personal preference. We are here to help express yourself with your eyeglasses.


How to find the right shape.

We really focus on your facial features when styling your eyeglasses. We look at head size, distance between the eyes, nose shape, and face shape. We will help you find the size of eyeglasses from your head size and distance between the eyes. The shape of your nose will help us recommend the right plastic frame because the bridge of a plastic frame is not adjustable and we want it to fit just like a comfortable pair of shoes. Some nose shapes are best with adjustable nose pads. We recommend certain frames with certain face shape to get the style you are looking for.


Digital Tools to Help You

We will help you see how you look in different styles by taking side by side comparison photos of you wearing your favorite frames. No more squinting at mirror to see how you look. Put your old glasses on and see for yourself. We can even save and share this photos through email and Facebook.

Why Jamison Optical?

We make picking out the perfect frame as easy as possible. We will make sure they fit great, are right for your prescription and give you a great look. Dr. Jamison hand picked every frame to make sure we have frames of all styles and sizes so you can find the right one for you. We can even special order a style, size or color just for you.


Personalized Lenses

Once we find the perfect frame we also will make sure you have the perfect frame we will also help you get the perfect lens just for you. We personalize our lenses for each patient. Click here to learn more.