Personalized Lenses

Getting the best vision goes beyond the right prescription but also how your glasses are made. Dr. Jamison and her team will help you choose the right material, digital cut, coatings and design to ensure you get the best vision for your lifestyle. We can also breakdown your insurance benefits and help you maximize your coverage with the best material choices.

6 Month Satisfaction Guarantee on Lenses*

24 Month Crizal® Warranty *

When building your perfect lens there are 4 things to consider.

  • Material - Better materials will give you thinner lenses and better optics. 
  • Digital Lenses  - Digitally cut lenses are more accurate than traditionally ground lenses.
  • Coatings - Protect your glasses and reduce glare for night driving and from electronics.
  • Progressive Design - A better design will help reduce distortion and wider near vision. 


We offer 4 types of material. Standard (Plastic CR 39), Lightweight (Poly), Lightweight Plus (Trivex) and Ultra Lightweight (Hi Index). With higher prescriptions your lenses can get thicker and heavier. Thinner lenses provide more comfort with a lighter lens. Thinner lenses also give you better vison by allowing light to travel more directly to your eye.

What are the Safest Lens Materials? Lightweight materials including Poly, Trivex and High Index (Plus and Ultra) provide the safest choice in eyewear and are shatter resistant. All children need to wear one of the lightweight options.

Digital Lenses  - 6x More Accurate

We specialize in our Diamond HD lenses which are personalized, digitally measured, and diamond cut. During your glasses fitting we will use SpecTech to digitally fit your frames and prescription. By custom cutting your prescription and lens based on your frames and how they sit on your face we are able to offer edge to edge clarity and the best vision possible.

Single Vision  Shamir Autograph II Lenses -  This lens design will be custom fit for you giving you multiple points of focus beyond standard lenses . This will give you the best vision throughout your lens not just at the center.

Progressive Varilux Digital Lenses -  We use what we believe are the best progressive lenses designed by Varilux. Digital progressive lenses will give you a wider channel of near vision and a more accurate prescription. It will make it easier to adopt progressive lenses and help you see near and far more naturally. Read more about our options for progressive lenses below.

Coatings - Scratch Protection and Anti Reflective

We use products from the market leader in scratch protection and anti reflective coatings Crizal. All of our lenses come with standard  scratch protection. When you add one of the Crizal coatings you will get:

  • Reduced Glare for Nightime Driving and Using Electronics
  • Resistance from Scratches for Everyday Use
  • Smudge Resistance for Clear Vision
  • Repels Water for Easy Cleaning and Outside Vision
  • UV Eye Protection that is E-SPF 25

Crizal Easy™Picture3_03

  • Get all of the benefits above.

Crizal Alize™Picture3_06

In addition you will also get:

  • Improved Resistance to Smudges & Water
  • Superior Cleanability
  • Longer lasting next generation technology

Crizal Avance™ with Scotchguard®Picture3_08

In addition you will also get:

  • 2x Scratch Resistant
  • Antistatic Layer that Repels Dust

Crizal Sapphire™ with Scotchguard®Sapphire

In addition you will also get:

  • BEST Scratch Resistance
  • UV No-Glare lenses
  • 50% Less Reflection than Avance
  • Broad Spectrum Technology

Crizal Prevencia™ with Scrachguard®Prevencia

In addition to benefits of Avance you will also get:

  • Blocks Harmful Blue Light
  • Helps Against Age-Related Macular Degeneration
  • 2X Scratch Resistant

Progressive Lens Design

Progressive lens prescriptions give you distance vision at the top of your lens and progressively changes to near vision at the lower part of the lens. This is an enhancement beyond your traditional Bi-Focal and Tri focal lenses.

We use Varilux lenses which give you the sharpest most natural progressive lens at every distance. Over the years Dr. Jamison has found patients prefer Varilux designs. The Physio design is the next generation from the Varilux Comfort lens that many progressive users have enjoyed. Here are some of the options and differences.

Varilux Physio™

Extended near vision zone compared to standard progressive lenses. Makes it easier to adopt to the progressive lenses and reduced swim distortion using W.A.V.E. technology.

Varilux Physio DRX™Varilux Physio DRx

  • Digitally measured diamond cut lens
  • 6 times more accurate
  • Wider near vision Zone

Varilux S Series™Varilux-S-Series

  • Latest design from Varilux. A revolution in progressive lenses
  • SychronEyes Technology™ for wider peripheral vision
  • Nanotptix™ nearly eliminates swim distortion
  • Improved low light performance

Varilux S Fit™Varilux S Fit

  • Optomized for your wearing conditions
  • Personalized near vision prescriptions
  • SychronEyes™ and Nanotptix™ Technology

*30 day return policy. 50% restocking fee on lens returns. Satisfaction guarantee includes one remake during first 6 months. Crizal®  warranty covers normal use. Abuse determined by Walman’s lab. Scratches below the AR coating not covered. Insurance benefits are non refundable check with your provider for details.