Personalized Lenses

Getting the best vision goes beyond the right prescription but also how your glasses are made. Dr. Jamison and our team will help you choose the right material, digital cut, coatings, and design to ensure you get the best vision for your lifestyle. We can also help you get the most from your money and insurance benefits with the best material choices.

  • Single vision
  • Prescription Sunglasses
  • Progressive
  • Computer Lenses
  • Line Bifocal / Trifocal

Why choose Jamison Optical for your lenses?

Dr. Jamison will make personalized lens recommendations for your lifestyle. We will help you choose the lens options for all of the activities in your life.

We offer Essilor lenses to give you the best vision possible. We have options to reduce digital fatigue, reduce glare while driving at night and making the transition to progressive lenses easier.

We offer digital lenses that are measured specific to your frame and face so we can customize your prescription specifically for you. This will give you more clarity and 6 time more accuracy in your prescription.