Satisfaction Guarantee, Warranty, Return and Exchange Policies*

*Insurance Plans may have specific policies that may limit the following. 

Eyewear Adjustments and Repair

We are happy to adjust your eyewear at no cost. We want to help you maintain the high quality of your eyewear. We are also happy to make most in store repairs at no cost like screw replacements.


Most Frame manufacturers have a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase. Your frame will be repaired or replaced if there are any defects based on normal use of your eyewear. If your frame is no longer available from the manufacturer we will work with you to find a product of equal value. If your frame is replaced there is a $10 service fee / $20 if the lenses also need to be remade. Limit of one replacement during the warranty period.

If you don’t like your frame and would like to restyle within 60 days of picking up your glasses we are happy to help you with that. There is a $10 service fee / $20 if the lenses also need to be remade. 

Frames may be returned within 30 days that are in like new condition.  

There may be other limits depending on your insurance. 


Lenses are custom made for you with your prescription and measurements and have a 30 day return policy with a 50% restocking fee. Our satisfaction guarantee includes one remake during the first 6 months from date of pick up, there is a $10 service charge for this. This may be from trouble adapting to your new lenses due to lens materials or coatings. 

If you are not happy with your prescription and a new refraction check is needed after 60 days a $40 refraction check with the doctor will be needed. 

There may be other limits depending on your insurance. 

Crizal Warranty 

Crizal Warranty Anti-reflective treatments include a 2 year manufacturers warranty from date of purchase. This does not cover any prescription changes and only product failure resulting in atypical scratching or crazing from normal use. Abuse is determined by the lab. Scratches below the protective treatment not covered. Limit of 1 remake per year. There is a $10 service fee to get your lenses remade. 

Contact Lens Policies & Purchase Protections

Please note that our contact lens fitting and evaluation fee is in addition to our regular exam fee and is not covered by most  insurance plans. The fitting fee covers the measurements, evaluation, and vision testing for the contact lens that your doctor prescribed. This fee also covers 60 days of contact lens related office visits and follow up appointments. Trial lenses are also covered under this fee. This fee is due at the time of service.

30 day return policy for unopened, unmarked boxes of contacts. We will gladly exchange or provide store credit for unopened, unmarked boxes of contacts after 30 days.

There may be other limits depending on your insurance. 

*If your vision insurance plan provided your frame and lenses, your warranty is determined by that plan’s policy. You may have a warranty from your vision plan which supersedes our store’s policies.