Presbyopia Example

As you get older you will notice your vision changing and losing the ability to focus on close up objects this is called Presbyopia. Presbyopia is not a disease it is a natural and normal part of aging.


Presbyopia is caused by age and the growth of your eye. Your lens becomes too heavy for your eye to focus. This will happen to almost everyone at some point in their life and starts to appear in people at the age of 40.

Diagnosing PresbyopiaPresbyopia

During a normal eye exam your doctor will determine if you are suffering from presbyopia and to what correction you need.

Treatment Options

Eyeglasses, contacts and reading glasses are the most common treatment needed for presbyopia. Progressive lenses, bifocal or trifocal, lenses are commonly prescribed for patients that have hyperopia or myopia and have gotten older and are suffering from presbyopia. These multifocal lenses allow patients to have different prescriptions for distance and near vision.

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