People who have crossed eyes where the eyes do not line up looking at an object is Strabismus. One eye may be turned in, out, up, or down.  Someone with strabismus may avoid double vision by using one eye to focus on objects resulting in headaches and eye strain.  Strabismus should be treated as early as possible to avoid lazy eye amblyopia.


Strabismus can be a natural occurrence happening at birth. Strabismus can also be caused by nervous system, eye muscle, and disorder problems. Eye alignment changes can also happen later in life and can be a sign of other serious health problems like a stroke. A sudden misalignment of the eyes or double vision should be checked immediately.

Diagnosing Strabismus

If you or your child is has misalignment issues you should see an eye doctor for consultation. Strabismus in children is often treatable and will help them avoid future eye problems.

Treatment Options

Vision therapy is recommended for someone who has strabismus. You doctor will develop a plan to help strengthen the eye muscles and train the patient’s brain to align their eyes to focus together.

Surgery can also be used to treat strabismus by moving the muscle to either strengthen or weaken the muscle helping to turn the eye in the correct direction.

Early treatment is in important so eye problems do not develop and become permanent.

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