Going off to college is a stressful, fun, exciting, and busy time. Don’t forget about your about making sure your eyes are ready for school. Here is a list to make sure your eyes are ready for college:

  1. Eye Exam – Get your exam before you head out to college. Classrooms get bigger and having clear vision will be more important than ever.
  2. Contact Lenses – Stock up on contacts so you don’t have to call home for more contacts. Being busy and active you’ll want plenty of contacts for the school year.
  3. Back Up Glasses – Don’t be stuck calling mom or paying extra for same day lenses if your glasses break. Bring an extra pair of glasses. We’ll give you a discount on your second pair.
  4. Antiglare Coatings – You’ll be spending extra time on the computer and under florescent lights. Get a good anti-glare coating to reduce eyestrain and keep your eyes protected from UV.
  5. Scratch Protection – Usually included with your antiglare. You’ll want to make sure your glasses can withstand the dorms and college environment. Spending a little more here will protect your investment in nicer lenses.
  6. Lens Cleaner and Cloths – No need to be slob now that you are out of the house. Keep those glasses clean.
  7. Contact Lens Solution – Stock up on solution to go with your contacts.
  8. Artificial Tears – Dry red eyes from being up late “studying”. Don’t go for the “V” brand at the gas station. Ge artificial tears. Your eyes will thank you.

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