Dr. Pei Ling Jamison is on the founding board of Power of 100 Southwest, Women Who Care. Power of 100 Southwest was started in late 2014 with eight board members that wanted to bring woman together to donate to worthy locale causes. Power of 100 is simple, meaningful, and powerful. We meet four times a year for an hour meeting. We vote with our hearts to choose from three random qualified charities nominated by women in the group. The money donated by each member is powerful because it is staying within our communities and helping organizations in need. Power of 100 has already donated a total of $21,325.

At our last meeting in July, the winning organization was Oasis for Youth. Oasis for Youth is located in Bloomington, MN and provides service youth in Bloomington, Richfield and Edina. It is a place that helps open doors for housing, employment, education and wellness for youth at risk of homelessness. Oasis for Youth provides opportunities to thrive through individualized case managements, onsite supportive services and connections to housing and community resources. The members of Power of 100 Southwest donated a total of $13,050 to Oasis for Youth.

Dr. Jamison wanted to be a part of an organization that benefits locate needs. She has learned about many smaller non-profit organizations that do not receive a lot of publicity but have just as worthy causes. If you are interested in joining Power of 100 Southwest, please go to http://powerof100southwest.com/ to learn more.