Children get a yearly well check and they should be getting a yearly eye exam also. Vision accounts for 80% of learning and one out of four children has a treatable vision or ocular health problem.

Most children will not complain of blurred vision because they do not know what normal vision is supposed to be. There is much more to vision than just the pediatric doctor’s distance eye chart to be tested.

At Jamison Optical, we test distance and near vision, eye teaming, eye movements, peripheral awareness, depth perception, color test, refraction and eye health. Dr. Pei Ling Jamison is aware of the importance of not just distance vision but all of the other testing that is important for the development of reading and school work done at the desk and computer level.

A new school year can be stressful for a child by getting an eye exam; children can focus on learning their school work than worrying about seeing their school work. We want to help identify children who have a vision concern earlier in their development and school year to make learning easier and more enjoyable.

Book your eye exam at Jamison Optical in Eden Prairie. Our ‘All Inclusive’ Eye Exam focuses you, your health and your vision. Dr. Jamison will give you personalized service and lens recommendations. We make finding glasses easy with our frame styling and have a handpicked collection of exclusive and top brand glasses to choose from. Make an appointment and shop at (952) 934-2084